Omnichannel Development

Connect better with your current clients, as well as capture new ones!

We help companies improve reach to their customers through all the possible contact points: social platforms, web, mobile, IoT devices & smart Apps, offline advertising, chatbots and more recently, voice assistants. 

 Our omnichannel solution allows you to: 

  • Create an on-brand coherent experience across all channels and devices.

  • Grow your brand loyalty and personalize every single response to your customers.

  • Improve customer satisfaction through increased access and high-quality interactions. 


Here are just some of our success stories... At Opentrends, we: 

  • Created company websites with > +1M active monthly users.

  • Designed and developed the entire online banking system for a major financial institution.

  • Are expert suppliers in "connected apps" for global automotive and e-health players.

Our apps have been downloaded +3 million times, and the average rating of users is more than 4 stars in Google Play and App Store.

Mobile apps & Web

Mobile First

We work closely with our clients to develop new brands, products and services that disrupt routines, making them special.

Mobile phone has become the first screen, and responsive design is the new standard.

Our multidisciplinary teams combine technology specialists with creative experts, who work jointly to create memorable experiences.

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Portals and Content Management Systems
  • CRM Solutions
IoT & Smart Apps

The New Connected Age

In Opentrends, we generate alternative realities that turn devices into smart ones, in this way our customers can easily adapt to the new connected age.

With our own-created Sentilo platform, we collaborate to create viable and sustainable cities in order to offer citizens a better life quality.

We are also experts in connected vehicles, which will have a profound impact on road safety, traffic management and sustainability. We have provided solutions for:

  • Smart/Intelligent Cities 
  • Connected Health
  • Connected Car
  • Smartwatch & Wearables
  • Smart TV
Chatbots & AI

Beyond Customer Service

Customer service calls are a significant budgetary burden to any business, and finding ways to streamline this process while not sacrificing customer satisfaction is critical to stay competitive. 

Opentrends’ automated conversational apps go beyond basic chatbot offerings and can effectively streamline your ability to better serve customers, generate an on-brand voice, and increase your business sales.

Carebot, the hybrid chatbot platform developed by Opentrends, combines both the scalability of bots and personalized attention by human agents. 


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Success Cases
  • CarebotAt Opentrends we build bots that go viral, provide value, and become a part of users daily life. See the case study.
  • World Congress: Opentrends is the mobile application provider for an important global congress since 2014. The apps are improved in each edition, offering visitors the latest technological developments and an unforgettable experience.
  • Connected Car: In 2016 we became the first company to release an Apple CarPlay App from a car manufacturer. See the case study.
  • Elections: With> 300,000 interactions per minute, Opentrends has developed the second screen for several local and state elections, introducing gamification and participation.
  • Energy app for Circutor: Wibee. It allows end users to access and easily visualize their energy consumption, as well as define targets, and forecasts. Available in Android, iOS, tablet, smartphone, and desktop. See the case study.
  • Omnichannel solution for a Spanish newspaper: Mobile, tablet, Smart TV - Chromecast and Android Wear availability.
  • Fuse for Abaxis: We created a web integration system that connects medical diagnostic systems and laboratory devices. See the case study.
  • 061 CatSalut Respon: Development of this application focused on improving the interaction between citizens and the Administration.
  • Bonpreu: Opentrends is the reference provider in Liferay and omnichannel technologies (web and mobile) for Bonpreu since 2015.
  • Customer Service Portal for Danone: Opentrends has developed a new system to manage invoices and their traceability.